Research Capacity

Research Capacity

Research at the 鶹Ƶ continues to grow. As the 鶹Ƶ invests in building its ethos, people, and resources, its capacity for transformation through excellence in research continues to advance.



Excellence in Research (ETHOS)

The 鶹Ƶ strives for excellence in research. Our faculty are encouraged to be research active through participation in academic conferences, annual lectures, seminars, workshops, and faculty publications of monographs, edited volumes, and journal articles. For example, two major conferences, God’s Exemplary Graduates and Discerning the Trends, were hosted by SCD in 2019 and their proceedings were published by SCD Press (Wondering about God Together and the Journal of Gospels and Acts Research).

The 鶹Ƶ also partners and collaborates with other colleges, theological institutions, and universities to provide opportunities for students and faculty. Excellence in research enables graduates to integrate their faith with their professions at the highest academic level as they pour their learning into the communities they serve.

Academic Staff

The 鶹Ƶ has one of the largest bodies of theological faculty in Australia. SCD embraces the ideal of research-led teaching and the value of making an original contribution of knowledge in the discipline. Many faculty are research active and many are ordained ministers (and often both), thus encompassing a holistic mission that aims to raise up the next generation of theological scholars and teachers in diverse ecumenical contexts. We aim to produce creative interdisciplinary thinkers and leaders who will transform the professions, social agencies, and pedagogic institutions in which they serve.

Faculty Publications

The SCD Research and Scholarship database records faculty peer-reviewed, scholarly and research publications. Records for the past five years and more demonstrate a consistent quality and quantity of output. Several faculty books and articles have been published by leading publishers and in world renowned journals. Our research meets ERA standards while fostering integration in an ecclesial context, thus advancing the Kingdom of God through excellence in research.

Centres of excellence

Much research activity at the 鶹Ƶ occurs in connection to our centres of excellence. The Centre for Gospels and Acts Research (CGAR), the Centre for Learning and Teaching Theology (LATT), and the Theological Research Network (TRN) facilitate world-leading research in these areas. These centres host annual or biannual conferences that attract participation from local and international scholars ranging from world-leading researchers through to budding research students. The centres produce highly regarded published material and invaluable collaboration across institutions.


The Research Degree Library Resources Grant is used by the 鶹Ƶ, in consultation with the supervisor and candidate, to build up the research resources in the candidate’s topic area. The grant is made each semester by the 鶹Ƶ to the library in which the candidate is enrolled. The Grant has helped library collections across its colleges to procure specialised material to assist current and future research students.

SCD Press

The SCD Press is the publishing house of the 鶹Ƶ and furthers our objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by offering a significant suite of publications.

The SCD Press provides opportunities for 鶹Ƶ faculty and research students and interested academics from around the globe to publish in a range of peer-reviewed publications. Its journals and other publications are of the highest quality and cover diverse topics, building on our ecumenical identity.